Gender : Male
Place/Date of Birth : Surabaya, August 17, 2004
Education : Grade 11 at SMA Dharma Mulya – Surabaya

Donny is a child who cares about other people, friends and especially with his siblings at home. He has a mature mind and wants to have a travel agency because he travels and develops language skills, therefore Donny studies well because he wants to achieve his goal. His hobby is playing music, he is good at playing guitar and bass instruments. In addition, he likes reading, playing football and futsal. Enjoying dance is also one of his pleasures. Because he can play music, before the pandemic Donny was active in church music ministry. Everything was done because he was not afraid to do new things to develop his potential and talents. Growing up from a child who is hyperactive and has a tough character, God’s love turns Donny into a person
who is kind, smiling and easy-going so that he becomes a pleasant person for his relatives, friends and those around him.
A prayer:
“My life is completely in the hands of God.”


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