Gender : Male
Place/Date of Birth : Surabaya, July 13, 2003
Education : Grade 11 at SMA Dharma Mulya – Surabaya

Enjoyed mathematics since junior high school and since childhood enjoyed reading because of great curiosity. His passion for sports, especially football and futsal, has brought him to represent schools and clubs in several regional and national competitions. Good academic achievement in mastering the subject matter of general groups and social groups. Active and talented in futsal, choir and culinary extracurricular activities. Jack still dreams of becoming a businessman and wants his work to be a blessing to others and an instrument of God’s glory. In his daily life, Jack is a brother to the other brothers. He has the ability to lead the other brothers. He grows up to be an independent child and can be responsible for carrying out tasks, both school assignments, services and the division of tasks given.
A prayer:
“God helps and leads so that I study well and get high marks. I want to study at university best.”


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