Gender : Male
Place/Date of Birth : Surabaya, June 1, 2005
Education: Grade 7 at Dharma Mulya Middle School – Surabaya

Nicholas was born as a child who cannot see. Both eyes are blind since birth. However, thanks to a miracle from God, at the age of 15 months he was able to see. And since then Nicholas has grown into a more independent and self-confident child. He really likes coloring pictures and he really likes to tell stories. With his limitations, Nicho is a persistent and unyielding person. Thing this is demonstrated by the craft he is to learn. Nicholas has a dream to become an architect because he wants to design and build houses for people who need a place to live. In his daily life, Nicholas really likes to help in the services at Pondok Hayat Foundation. Anything that was needed, Nicholas was very eager to help, whether it was preparing musical instruments, or singing to God.
A prayer:
“I want to be an architect. God help me to be able to study well in good schools too, like Petra University.”


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