Gender : Male
Place/Date of Birth : Surabaya, October 27, 2006
Education: Grade 7 at Middle School Dharma Mulya

Samuel was born as a child full of enthusiasm and smile. He is a child who really likes books. Reading is his passion. This makes him a person with a high level of intelligence. Last year he won 2nd place in Mathematics Olympiad. The intelligent ability good enough to make him one of the most reliable students. Samuel has a dream as an architect so that he can manage society to be better and live a more beautiful life. He continues to develop this desire by developing his learning potential. His creativity continues to grow and get better day by day. In addition to his ability in academics, Samuel is very fond of football. He continues to develop his talent in the ball game. His cheerfulness is able to change the atmosphere wherever he is.
A prayer:
“I want to study even harder so I can achieve my goals.”


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