Pondok Hayat Foundation is a non-profit social foundation that was officially established on 20 June 1998 in Surabaya and registered with the Ministry of Law & Human Rights, Ministry of Religion and Ministry of Social Affairs. This foundation is an independent interdenominational Christian service institution (not under a certain church organization) with the main service as a shelter for pregnant women out of wedlock to cancel abortions, while the main purpose of the Pondok Hayat foundation is to protect human life from conception or conception to death. reasonable. With these services and goals, Pondok Hayat Foundation has a vision and mission, namely:


The salvation of mothers and children from the threat of death due to abortion and a return to the divine purpose as a whole body, soul, and spirit by the power and grace of God.


Stop Killing

Raising public awareness of the dangers of abortion and the problem of homicide through


Implementing integrated services for the prevention of abortion and the recovery of women victims of sexual harassment and pregnancy out of wedlock.

Become an agent of life

Carry out a movement to defend life since conception.