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Living Stones School presents it self as a home to every child with his/her endless curiosity. We believe children are lovers of learning and we create an environment to encourage and support this desire. Our learning environment is provided by skilled and caring teachers. The classrooms are equipped not only with inviting layout and study aids but also with the nurturing atmosphere. Children are encouraged to interact, as well as use their creativity thinking, exploration and problem solving.


Delivering students to their best potentials as citizens of the world who fears the Lord and performs their excellence in academic and life.


– Love GOD with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.
– Inspire our children to grow in the fear of the Lord.
– Value each child as a unique individual who needs to be served individually appropriate.
– Impact the communities.
– Nurture and support the children interest and curiosity about the school activities.
– Guide the children to discover their potential and develop them.
– Promote critical thinking and problem solving.
– Offer high quality curriculum and instructions and set high expectations for all children.
– Encourage the love of reading and writing.
– Respond to the needs of parents and families.
– Embrace an understanding and acceptance of diversity among individuals.

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